Give A Scan

Patient: P30013

A male never smoker was diagnosed with NSCLC, adenocarcinoma and squamous (squamous not seen at autopsy), stage IV at the age of 35. He died 9 months after diagnosis and receiving chemotherapy, radiation therapy. He also received bisphosphonate therapy. He was an athlete and had served in the military reserve (non-combat). Dataset consists of 6 longitudinal studies with CT and MR scans performed. CT was performed with a range of slice thicknesses, including thin slice CT.

P30013 2007-05-24
Contains 2 Series
P30013 2008-01-12
Contains 4 Series
P30013 2008-01-15
Contains 3 Series
P30013 2008-01-19
Contains 11 Series
P30013 2008-02-18
Contains 1 Series
P30013 2008-02-19
Contains 6 Series