Give A Scan

Patient: P30018

A female former smoker with ~20 pack years of exposure and who had quit 10 years before was diagnosed with lung cancer, BAC at age 59. She was told there was slow progression, she should watch and wait, and she has not received treatment. Dataset consists of 8 longitudinal studies with CT scans performed mainly with 5mm slice thickness.

P30018 2006-01-10
Contains 8 Series
P30018 2006-11-23
Contains 7 Series
P30018 2006-12-14
Contains 5 Series
P30018 2007-06-07
Contains 6 Series
P30018 2007-10-18
Contains 6 Series
P30018 2008-02-28
Contains 5 Series
P30018 2008-10-02
Contains 6 Series