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Patient: P40014

A female former smoker diagnosed by x-ray and bronchoscopy at age 61 with Stage 1A adenocarcinoma. Lower left lobectomy by thoracotomy. No lymph node involvement. Tumor tested as KRAS mutated grade 1. No additional treatment was recommended. A second primary in the upper left lobe was initially seen by CT six months later, followed by PET and needle biopsy, and a wedge thoracotomy. The adenocarcinoma tumor was tumor was EGFR mutated grade 2. No other treatment was recommended. Nodules in right lung being monitored.The patient, who had a 4.5 pack year history (half a pack a day or less for nine years) and over 30 years exposure to smoke at home and work, quit smoking 24 years before the first diagnosis. Her father was diagnosed with lung cancer at age 49, and four immediate paternal and maternal family members were diagnosed, primarily in their sixties, with other cancers.

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